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The Magic of Baby's Breath

With tiny, delicate flowers that manage to make a statement even in their gentle simplicity, Baby’s Breath embodies a soft, yet captivating magic in its whisper of quiet power.

As the flowers tend to retain their vigor long after they’ve been cut, it’s no wonder that Baby’s Breath flowers have become a symbol of ever-lasting love. The beautiful flowers have adorned numerous wedding halls and filled out countless floral bouquets and arraignments.

They have become a poignant and symbolic gift at baby showers to express the innocence and purity that is the magic of a newborn child. The flowers’ benign, snow-like appearance and the sweet gentleness of their beauty evoke a sense of purity and innocence that has been likened to that of a “baby’s breath.”

While white is typically the most popular and well-known color of baby’s breath, the flowers can be found in many dazzling colors. Consider adding red baby’s breath flowers to your next Valentine’s Day bouquet, or giving the gift of blue baby’s breath flowers to a friend who is expecting a boy.

Baby’s breath’s magic lies in its ability to make a soft statement – to be a testament to the magic of quiet power. Sometimes it is the little things that are the most magical. Sometimes the most delicate of voices are also the most profound.

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Baby's Breath Magical Correspondences
  • Botanical Name: Gypsophilia
  • Folk Names: Babe's Breath, Gyp, Soapwort, Maiden's Breath
  • Element: Water
  • Planet: Venus
  • Magical Attributes: Protection, Love

Magical Ways to Use Baby's Breath
  • If you share a special connection with the fae folk and would like to attract them to your garden and home, they are said to be fond of baby’s breath.

  • Baby’s breath is associated with Imbolc. Use baby’s breath flowers and decorate your home and magical altar to honor the magic of the sabbat.

  • Consider incorporating baby’s breath into your next soap-making project. Baby’s breath contains saponins, a reagent that has soap-like qualities, making it a wonderful addition to your next homemade bar of soap.

  • If you know a couple who is soon to be wed, bless their union with baby’s breath flowers, as they symbolize everlasting love and unity. Make sure to include them in any floral bouquet you gift to the couple.

  • Grow baby’s breath flowers around the home to provide a light, protective energy as well as provide the home with a charming, English cottage feel.

  • Keep baby’s breath flowers on your magical altar or near your sacred space to help deepen your connection to the spiritual realm.

  • Need to broach a delicate subject with your lover or someone you care about? Do so near a vase or bouquet of baby’s breath flowers to help soften your words.

  • Keep baby’s breath flowers in the nursery to help maintain a calm and peaceful ambiance for your little one, as well as provide a little bit of protection. Take care to make sure the flowers are in a safe space away from the child. Back to Top

Understanding the Symbolism of Baby's Breath

With their delicate flowers that often display a softness of color and appearance, the flowers of the baby’s breath plant appear like little tufts of newly fallen snow.

The gentleness of their appearance hearkens of a certain purity and innocence – like that of a newborn child.

This is why it’s little wonder that baby’s breath flowers are often gifted to parent and child at baby showers – an attempt to capture the delicate purity that comes with the arrival of new life into the world.

Appreciated for the simplicity and purity of their beauty, baby’s breath is often incorporated into wedding décor and bouquets. The flowers are symbolic of everlasting love and a celebration of unity – the perfect blessing for couples who have decided to commit themselves to matrimony.

As everything that is pure is often associated with chasteness, self-control and discipline, baby’s breath is no exception to the rule.

The subtle ethereal glow that attracts the eye to its soft, delicate flowers is like a celestial nod of approval to those who dedicate their lives to something greater then themselves, and follow through to that calling with steadfast discipline.

Baby’s Breath is a reminder that in order to remain pure, one must resist being soiled and tainted by the many pitfalls that come along the way. It is a lifeline by which those who may be tempted to stray can petition higher forces and plead for strength and resolve.

The benign and gentle flowers of the baby’s breath plant inspire kindness and compassion. They are a reminder to always cherish the ones you hold dear by showing them warmth and affection.

The Christian religion has made much use of the richness of symbolism inlaid within baby’s breath, and have come to take the flowers as analogous to the breath of God – the Holy Spirit.

Hence you’ll often find baby’s breath flowers incorporated in floral arrangements for Christian religious ceremonies. Back to Top

Baby's Breath Interesting Facts
  • Baby’s Breath is a member of the carnation family (caryophyllaceae).

  • The botanical name of baby’s breath comes from the Greek roots gypsos, which means “gypsum,” and philia which translates to “loving.” This is in reference to the fact that baby’s breath loves to grow in gypsum-rich (chalk-rich) soils.

  • The species gypsophilia paniculata is a favorite of florists, and is often used as a backdrop in floral arrangements.

  • Cultivated commercially in Peru, baby’s breath makes up a significant portion of Peruvian floral exports.

  • Although known typically for its white, snow-like flowers, baby’s breath flowers can come in a myriad of colors such as yellow, purple, pink, red, blue and orange.

  • The name baby’s breath is in reference to the plant's appearance, as during the summer when it blooms, little white flowers appear like puffs of delicate clouds, evoking the innocence and purity of a baby’s breath.

  • There are over 150 species of baby’s breath in the gypsophilia genus.

  • Both butterflies and bees are attracted to baby’s breath.

  • Certain species of baby’s breath are used in ice cream, liquor and even cheese as the plant provides a crisp texture, unique aroma and flavor.

  • Halva, a sweet, condensed dessert usually made with flour or sesame paste and nut butters, often includes baby’s breath as an ingredient.

  • Baby’s Breath is sometimes referred to as soapwort, which is probably no coincidence, as it has qualities that lend themselves well to being included in soaps and shampoos.

  • Although the name baby’s breath might lead you to believe that the flower has a pleasant smell, you might be surprised to find this is not the case. Many have described the smell of baby’s breath as being quite unpleasant – rancid or similar to that of spit. Back to Top

The Magic of White Baby's Breath

White baby’s breath flowers appear almost like freshly-fallen snow resting delicately on the thin, green stems. It is a beautiful burst of purifying energy, with a uniformity of lovely, unadulterated white color that is seldom seen so untainted in Nature.

Associated with all that is good and wholesome, white baby’s breath captures the essence of innocence and purity. It is the ultimate expression of the light that combats the darkness.

The perfect baby shower gift, white baby’s breath is a wonderful way to express the wonder and enchantment that is the pure innocence of a newborn child.

White baby’s breath is a symbol for unity, and is often used to decorate wedding halls and included in wedding bouquets.

This coincides quite nicely with the commitment two lovers make to remain faithful and dedicated to each other on their wedding day. Back to Top

The Magic of Red Baby's Breath

Red Baby’s Breath effuses a passionate, fiery energy. The flowers are symbolic of deep love, smoldering sexuality and fervid romance. They are also associated with courage, power and vigor.

Red Baby’s Breath makes a beautiful gift and appropriate addition to floral bouquets that you wish to bestow to someone you are romantically involved with.

The Magic of Orange Baby's Breath

With a burst a bright and lively color, orange baby’s breath inspires joy and encourages us to be optimistic and happy. The flowers stoke the fires of our creativity, and renew our sense of fascination and enthusiasm.

A stimulating color, orange baby’s breath sparks excitement, and is a perfect inclusion in floral bouquets for friends and family to bless them with the gift of merriment and delight. Back to Top

The Magic of Yellow Baby's Breath

Yellow Baby’s Breath flowers inspire cheerfulness and joy. Full of bright, uplifting energy, the flowers represent friendship and warm relationships, making them an excellent gift for friends and family.

Yellow Baby’s Breath flowers speak to the intellect, and evoke pleasant feelings such as happiness and delight.

The Magic of Blue Baby's Breath

The color of blue baby’s breath seems to pierce right through to the truth of our emotions and intellect. It is associated with honesty, respect and trust.

As we ponder the color blue, we are often reminded of the endless sky that never fails to shelter us and the vastness of the deep blue sea. As such, blue baby’s breath evokes a sentiment of stability and depth.

Blue baby’s breath is symbolic of loyalty and instills confidence. A sagely color, the flowers represent faculties of the mind such as intellect and wisdom.

The very color of the heavens above, blue baby’s breath embodies the magic of our faith and devotion in higher things. The flowers carry within them the energy of peace and tranquility.

Use light blue baby’s breath when trying to convey the sentiment of peace and understanding. Dark blue baby’s breath carries a more serious energy, and represents power and knowledge.

As blue is typically associated with masculine energy, blue baby’s breath is the perfect gift for baby showers involving a boy, or to someone who is expecting a male child. Back to Top

The Magic of Purple Baby's Breath

Purple Baby’s Breath flowers make a bold and wonderful statement to any floral arraignment or décor. The color of royalty and nobility, purple baby’s breath exudes a richness and affluence of energy in its striking hue.

Often associated with wisdom and dignity, purple baby’s breath flowers are the very color of independence. They also share a connection to more mystical and magical energies, and are symbolic of mystery and enchantment.

The Magic of Pink Baby's Breath

The blush of pink baby’s breath flowers should remind you of the softer, sweeter side of love and romance – the energy more akin to a new and budding intimate relationship.

The flowers are also associated with caring and compassionate sentiments, and symbolic of unconditional love, understanding and empathy.

As pink is often associated with feminine energy, pink baby’s breath flowers make the perfect gift for baby showers that celebrate the birth of a girl, or to those who are expecting a girl child.

Consider giving the gift of pink baby’s breath flowers to those who are in caretaking professions, such as healthcare, or to express gratitude to someone who shows great care and consideration to you and others. Back to Top

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