Understanding Baby’s Breath Flower Symbolism and Meaning

The Spirit of Baby’s Breath Flower

In its essence, Baby’s Breath flower symbolism lies in the quiet power of innocence. The minute yet elegant flowers seem unobtrusive on their own. However, as an assembly, Baby’s Breath flowers come together in a breath-taking demonstration of the power of unity.

There’s corruption in this world that seeks to shatter innocence. It aims to replace it with cynicism and calloused hearts. Much worse, we are taught that to truly “grow up,” we have to discard our innocence as if it were a set of undersized clothes.

But the fact of the matter is our innocence — that childlike part of ourselves that houses our sense of wonder — is a gift. Without it, the world is not as enchanting. Our hearts and minds become closed to magic. Innocence is the blank slate by which the world presents itself to you in all its captivating wonder.

White Baby's Breath flowers resting next to a cup of blonde coffee.

Baby’s Breath flowers want you to understand the understated power of innocence. There is a reason we must cherish and protect it. That quiet power can compel a cold heart to warm. It can reinvigorate an optimism that may be withering away. Just look at the smile of a child. It is something so effortless and natural. There is no deceit underlying their smile. Nor are there hidden intentions or motives you must be wary of.

And yet, something as simple as an innocent smile has the magic to compel you to love. It has the power to motivate you to make awe-inspiring changes to your life to protect and nurture that child. And you do these things all in hopes to ensure that smile never fades from that cherubic face.

This is the quiet power of innocence. This is what Baby’s Breath flowers stand for. They stand for that murmur that brings you back to love. It needn’t be showy or dramatic to grab your attention and compel you. Just gentle enough to warm your heart and guide you to the light.

Baby’s Breath Flower Symbolizes Innocence and Purity

The connection between Baby’s Breath flower symbolism and innocence is no accident. The flowers are reminiscent of a newborn child — tiny and delicate. The association with the innocence of a newborn babe is so mesmeric it inspires the flower’s name. Soft and gentle, sweet and pure…like a “baby’s breath.”

As a result of Baby’s Breath flowers being intimately tied to infants, they are a standard inclusion in baby shower festivities. It is customary to decorate the space with wispy puffs of Baby’s Breath flowers. They seem to fill the air with a breath of innocence.

Close-up of bluish Baby's Breath flowers.

The flowers are often included in bouquets to congratulate the expecting parents in a meaningful way. In addition, it is a way to express the breathless joy that comes with the arrival of an innocent newborn child.

Since Baby’s Breath flowers come in a vast array of colors, it allows for making a very personalized floral gift. For example, you can present Pink Baby’s Breath floral arraignments to parents expecting a girl. Conversely, Blue Baby’s Breath floral arraignments are a popular gift to parents expecting a boy.

Sprigs of Baby's Breath flowers on a flower arraignment table.

How Baby’s Breath Flowers Express Everlasting Love

Baby’s Breath flowers tend to retain their lovely beauty long after their cut and dried. As a result, they have come to symbolize everlasting love. Since the goal of most marrying couples is for their devotion to last for a very long time, Baby’s Breath flowers have become a standard inclusion in wedding décor.

This is almost as if to provide a symbolic blessing on the couples’ union that it not soon fall apart. However, maintaining a sacred commitment such as a marriage is not without its challenges and trials. Thus it makes perfect sense that couples would choose to adorn their wedding hall with symbols to love everlasting to motivate them towards that goal.

In addition, since Baby’s Breath flowers tend to be uniform in their color scheme, they have come to represent the celebration of unity. Each flower, though tiny and unobtrusive, comes together to make an eye-popping cohesive display of color.

It is as if Baby’s Breath flowers want us to see the strength and potency in coming together for harmony and camaraderie. There is an important lesson here for couples who would strive for a long-lasting marriage. That lesson is to remain unified in your commitment to each other and love, and your bond will span a lifetime.

Close-up of soft cream Baby's Breath flowers.

What Baby’s Breath Flowers Teach Us About Chastity

Baby’s breath’s magic lies in its ability to make a soft statement and is a testament to quiet power. -- Baby's Breath Magical Properties and Uses

As a symbol of chastity, Baby’s Breath flowers are often used to express virginal purity. This can apply in the literal sense, as in maintaining continence from sexual intercourse. Additionally, this also applies metaphorically in terms of showing self-restraint and abstaining from anything that will render you less “pure.”

The connection between Baby’s Breath flowers and celibacy is most likely a carryover from monotheistic religions, particularly Christianity and Catholicism. Christianity considers remaining chaste until the marriage of utmost importance, especially for women.

As the religion would have it, once a woman is married, she answers her husband, and the husband responds to God. No longer is she in direct union with the Divine. Furthermore, many religions treat sex as a “forbidden fruit” that opens the mind, body, and spirit to the temptations of passion and desire.

While thoughts on this have started to change and evolve in recent years, Catholicism still mandates nuns and priests remain celibate. This is to ensure their union with God is not contaminated by sexual inclinations.

While Baby’s Breath flowers want us to appreciate the virtue is chastity and purity, we can modernize and abstract this concept. For instance, some might see sexual intercourse as something that defiles you. However, others would say that it is a celestial rite to have sex and bring you closer to the Divine.

Furthermore, you can demonstrate abstinence and wholesomeness in other ways besides renouncing intercourse. For example, you can abstain from alcohol and drugs, or processed food, or toxic people. Basically, avoiding things that can corrupt your spirit and make it harder to commune with the Divine is the type of chastity Baby’s Breath flowers inspires.

Baby’s Breath Flowers Inspire Kindness

Various bouquets of Baby's Breath flowers bundled in a plastic wrapping.

It isn’t easy to look upon the enchanted loveliness of Baby’s Breath flowers in bloom and not feel a little warmth on the inside. Baby’s Breath flowers, and flowers in general, tend to chill the frost around even the most calloused heart.

This is necessary if we express compassion and kindness to others the way we are designed to do. This is the goal of Baby’s Breath flowers – to inspire us to act kindly. To make it easier to arrive at compassion and understanding.

Baby’s Breath flowers provide a lesson in how a soft, gentle touch can speak volumes. The flowers are petite and unobtrusive. Yet, they come together to form a breath-taking whole while maintaining a whisper of quiet power.

Kindness is a quiet power. Compassion is a subtle power. These are not loud actions but rather simple gestures that can have a revolutionary effect on someone’s life. The somber stranger you smile at today might decide not to take their life tomorrow. The warm embrace you give a friend might be the only embrace they’ve received in ages.

Whenever you feel you lack the patience to extend a little tenderness to another soul, consider the magic of Baby’s Breath flowers. Allow them to strengthen your resolve to be an affectionate, loving soul.

Baby’s Breath Flowers and The Holy Spirit

Baby's Breath flowers in a Green Jar • The Meaning of Baby's Breath Flowers

In Christian tradition, Baby’s Breath flowers are emblematic of the very breath of God – the Holy Spirit. Like Baby’s Breath flowers, the Holy Spirit exudes a quiet power. It embodies the subtle yet powerful influence of the Divine. And though you cannot see it with the naked eye, you can feel its impact on your life.

Baby’s Breath flowers serve as a reminder that God’s power – or the power of the Divine – expresses itself not in a thunderous shout but a whisper. Meditating on the energy and vision of Baby’s Breath can prime the mind spiritually to perceive that soft, still voice.

Additionally, Baby’s Breath flowers are often a standard part of Christian traditions like Easter. The use of the flowers in Easter observations is very symbol-laden. Christianity views the cross as the pre-eminent emblem of the death and resurrection of Christ – a pivotal event in Christian mythology.

Baby’s Breath flowers are frequently employed to adorn the cross. As a symbol here, the flower serves two roles. First, it serves as an emblem of the breath of God gracing the site of his son’s death. Second, it also represents the innocent life that was slain that redeems all who follow the path of Christ.

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