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The Magic of Amber

Amber Healing Crystal | Crystal Age | Elune BlueAmber, also known as Liquid Sunshine, carries within it the energies of life, happiness, love and luck. The golden hue of amber hints at its positive energies, and is often used to turn negative energy into good. Because amber can often crystallize around organisms and life forms, preserving them for thousands of years, amber is said to contain the very essence of life itself.

Amber in its golden shades is believed to make the wearer more attractive and can heighten intellect and clarity of mind. When used in conjunction with spell work, Amber can strengthen magical energies and raise the chances that the spell will be successful.

Amber is associated with the Solar Plexus and Sacral chakras, and is used metaphysically for protection and psychic shielding. When dealing with illness, amber has been used to draw out the negativity energies associated with it, as well as the negative energies in the environment. Amber is also considered a love crystal, and is used to attract love as well as when renewing marital vows.

Amber is an excellent rubbing stone, as it carries a spark of energy that can relax and bring about calm and inner peace. Amber magical properties also include the energy of longevity, seeing as it is able to preserve things for an impressive amount of time.

Considered an organic gem, Amber is different than most gems in that it is created by organic material – a hardened resin that is a product of trees and becomes fossilized over millions of year. The name Amber comes from the Arabic word anbar, which is an amber-colored materials discharged from sperm whales.

When Amber appears cloudy, it is often because of oxygen within the stone, and simply heating it in oil can help reduce the cloudiness. The Greek word for Amber was elektron, a word which also referred to the sun, hinting at Amber’s connection to sunlight and electricity.

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Amber Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Is Amber a crystal?
    • Amber is not actually a crystal, but rather a fossilized resin that comes from pine trees.  Therefore it's considered a mineral not a crystal.

  2. What is an amber stone?
    • Amber stone is a fossilized tree resin that, once hardened, can preserve whatever is captured within it for thousands of year. This resin is popularly used mineral called amber which has been used to make jewelry and other adornments since Neolithic times.

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Amber, also known as Liquid Sunshine, carries the energies of life, happiness, love and luck, and can turn negativity into good. -- Amber Meaning and Uses
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