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The Magic of Yarrow

Yarrow can be worn for protection, and when held it can dispel fear and give courage. Yarrow is powerful for love spells. To guarantee love will last seven years, hang dried yarrow over the bed and use it in wedding decorations. Yarrow can help when seeking to attract friends or refresh ties between distant relations.

Yarrow tea can strengthen psychic abilities, and using yarrow to wash your hair can prevent baldness, although it won’t cure it if already balding. Yarrow was also used in exorcisms and to banish evil, as well as summon the devil.

According to mythology, Charon told Achilles to treat his soldiers wounds with yarrow. As a result, soldiers carried yarrow centuries afterwards for this very reason. Another myth claims that the plant was formed from rust from Achilles spear.

Yarrow botanical names even translates to “Achilles’ thousand leaved herb.” Yarrow is said to grow around Confucius’ grave, and the Chinese believe that yarrow promotes intelligence. Yarrow is used in divining to discover who one’s future love will be, and also to find out if a current lover truly loves you.

Yarrow is associated with the seventh chakra, and the flowers can be put in dream pillows to bring about prophetic dreams. Rubbing the eyes with yarrow is believed to strengthen psychic abilities, and yarrow oil and incense can cleanse the aura.

Drink yarrow tea before divination to help the mind keep focus. It is very useful when trying to communicate with a loved one psychically, and to help solve arguments it can help you and your lover see each others’ point of view more clearly. Yarrow can strengthen the power of other herbs in magical use.

Yarrow encourages the body to sweat, which can help break a fever. It assists the body in ridding itself of toxins, and a steam bath with yarrow in it can help relieve a headache. To have an easy labor, keep yarrow on your right side. Please note that this information is not a substitute for medical advice. Consult your doctor before using any herbal remedy. Pregnant women should practice caution when using yarrow.

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