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The Magic of Raspberry

Raspberry Magical Meaning | Raspberry Magical Properties | Magical Herbs - Elune BlueAccording to mythology, Zeus’ nursemaid, Ida, cut her finger while picking snow-white berries and turned them red, and this led to raspberries distinctly, deep red color, as well as their link to fertility magic.

Raspberry’s Latin name is Rubus idaeus, which means “bramble bush of Ida.” Raspberries have come to be used prominently in pregnancy, and the leaves can be carried during pregnancy and childbirth to lessen the pain.

Raspberry’s red color is similar to that of blood, and as a consequence is considered potent in love-inducing magic. Raspberries can be used to strengthen and bring good fortune to marriage, as well as ensure faithfulness. Bathe in raspberry or raspberry leaves in order to make certain that your lover will not stray, and serve it to encourage love.

Raspberries are also used to protect against wayward spirits and souls, and raspberry branches can be hung on doors and windows to reinforce this protection. When someone has died, these branches will deter their spirit from entering back into the home so that they can more easily transition into the next world.

Raspberries are the fruit of patience, prudence, and carefulness. One must be careful when picking raspberries in order to not hurt themselves on the thorns of the bush, and in turn raspberry bushes are also careful with whom they share their fruit with. Use in magics in which you seek patience, and also when you need your creative endeavors not to be carelessly squandered.

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What are Your Thoughts on the Magic of Raspberry?

What do you think about Raspberry and its wonderful, magical properties? Do you have any other creative ideas on powerful ways to use this plant? Is there an herb or plant you would like us to discuss? What bring you to this article today? We'd love to hear from you!

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