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The Magic of Nutmeg

Nutmeg is associated with good luck, so be sure to carry a nutmeg seed before getting involved in games of chances to swing the odds in your favor. Drilling a hole in a nutmeg seed then filling it with mercury or wrapping the seed with a green cloth can potentiate this effect.

Carry nutmeg as a charm and wrap it in purple cloth before dealing with legal matters to strengthen the likelihood that your legal situation will end favorably, and nutmeg can also help with good luck during travel as well.

Share a beverage that contains nutmeg with the one you love, and that will help in having those feelings returned. It is associated with fidelity, and can be used in spells to help ensure your lover’s fidelity and ward off temptation.

Nutmeg is a perfect holiday spice in that it can help lessen tensions and conflict that can arise during the winter months due to lack of sunlight.  Diffuse nutmeg essential oil to revitalize the body and strengthen the flow of energy throughout the body and soul.

Nutmeg has strong divinatory properties, and when added to a beverage and consumed before meditation, can heighten the meditative experience and encourage visions and clairvoyance.  A nutmeg massage oil or nutmeg butter can also help towards this aim.

Nutmeg oil can be used to draw money; use it to anoint green candles and magical tools to draw wealth to the household and nutmeg powder can also be used to draw prosperity. Sprinkle it over candles and other objects or add it to candle wax and use when casting a money drawing spell.

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