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The Magic of Golden Labradorite

Golden Labradorite, also known as Yellow Labradorite, is a stone that helps balance your energy and harness your personal power. It is a masculine stone, and as it’s bright, yellow color suggests, its energy has a solar tone, hence why it’s often called the Sunstone. The lively, golden color of this beautiful stone is a reminder of its power to help the wearer feel more positive and it is uplifting.

Golden Labradorite is also very handy to have around when dealing with change, as it can help dim the mental clutter and help us focus. As hinted at by its multi-faceted, deep veins of color, Labradorite is known for the power to help intuition and psychic pursuits, and are an ample companion for those wishing to learn more about their inner self.

Golden Labradorite is associated with the Solar Plexus chakra, and can help you tap into your personal reservoir of power, harnessing it and directing it where you need to. It can help boost your self-confidence, and give you the strength to tackle difficult situations. Labradorite is also powerful when in need of a little extra inspiration and creativity.

In healing, Golden Labradorite is used to treat stomach disorders and enhance metabolism, however do keep in mind that this information is not a substitute for medical advice. Consult your doctor before engaging in crystal healing and therapy.

Golden Labradorite is often found in Mexico, China, and the United States, among other places. Labradorite is known for the unusual way they change color depending on which angle light reflects off the stone, a phenomenon called labradorescence.  At the base, Labradorite is actually gray, but because of this light refraction the stone appears to shimmer and change color.

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Labradorite Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What is a labradorite stone?
    • Labradorite is a variety of feldspar. When rotated under a light, labradorite is known for its unique display of color – called labradorescence – in which the stone appears to shimmer and change color as light hits it from different angles.

  2. Where does the stone labradorite come from?
    • Interestingly enough, most labradorite comes from a place called Labrador, Canada. Labradorite also comes from other places such as Norway and New Mexico, although the most beautiful specimens are found in Finland and Madagascar.

  3. Where can labradorite be found?
    • Labradorite can be found in Labrador, Canada, although specimens have also been located in Norway.

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