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The Magic of Fig

Figs are linked to fertility and male potency, and women have carried fig carved into phallic images in order to raise their chances of conceiving. Men can eat fresh fig in order to increase their potency and virility, as it increases the motility of male sperm.

To get an answer to a question, you can write the question on a fig leaf; if the leaf takes a long time to dry, the answer is yes, and if it dries quickly than the answer is no.

Growing fig in the home can bring the household good luck, and growing it in the bedroom can help with restful sleep. Grow fig in the kitchen to make sure that your family never goes hungry.

When looking for love, give a fig to the person you are trying to court. If they like figs, they will be attracted to you. When traveling, leave a fig tree outside of the door. This will ensure you return safe and happy.

The fig tree is revered as the Tree of Life in some cultures. In Greek mythology it is believed that Demeter gave fig to Dionysus as a gift, hence the link to love and fertility. The Greeks revered figs so much that they made it illegal to transport good quality figs.

The Romans held figs sacred as well, and it was believed that the wolf who raised Romulus and Remus rested under a fig tree. The Buddhists view the fig tree as a symbol of enlightenment, as it is believed the Buddha reached his enlightenment under a fig tree.

Figs can be used as a mild laxative for gentle relief, and the juice is said to remove warts. It can also help lower blood pressure. Please note that this is not a substitute for medical advice, and you should consult your doctor before using any herbal remedy.

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