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The Magic of Cherry Wood

Cherry wood contains wonderful energies that can be used in magical practice. It is majestic and beloved for it’s deep, rich reddish hue and sturdy capabilities. Burning cherry wood incense and oils can bring good fortune and warm energies into the home. Cherry wood’s aroma is captivating, and can blend well with love and incense blends.

Cherry wood carries the energies of luck and good fortune, and can also help with wealth and prosperity. And while cherry wood is popularly used in our culture today, it wasn’t always the case in some parts of the world. In fact, in the Highlands it was once taboo to use cherry wood, as cherry trees, were a rare sight in Highland culture. They were believed to be witch’s trees, and to see one was a powerful omen.

Dead cherry wood is often used for magical fires or placed into the hearth to bless the home. In fact, in Czechoslovakia, in December is it custom to cut cherry branches and bring them into the home to bring a “blossoming” energy to Christmas. Cherry trees are sacred to Venus, and a wand made of cherry wood is powerful when it comes to love magic.

Cherry wood is also associated with the land of the dead. The Japanese felt that when a cherry branch hits the ground, it is symbolic of the connection between the Underworld and the world of the living. The base of the cherry tree is even believed to be the door to the Underworld. The Chinese use cherry wood to keep evil spirits at bay, and on New Year’s Day cherry branches are hung over doorways for protection. The Chinese even carve statues and place them in front of the home to guard.

What are Your Thoughts on the Magic of Cherry Wood?

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