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The Magic of Black Cherry

The mysterious energy and deep purple beauty of black cherries is mesmerizing and hints at its latent magical energies. Black cherries are the yang to red cherry’s yin, and within black cherry are energies that can contribute to psychic power, divinatory pursuits and intuition. It's energy is that of duality and balance.

Black cherries are connected to the energies of longevity and immortality. They live long, over 200 years in some case, and they decay very slowly. They are also connected to the Sun’s energy and love sunlight, however they are very vulnerable to storms and shade.

Black cherries also contain the energies of abundance and prosperity. A black cherry trees odds of making it to full maturation are uncommon. If they are surrounded by trees with higher canopies they cannot flourish. So to hold in your hand a black cherry is to hold the power of a fruit that found success and made its way to you.

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Interesting Facts About Black Cherry

When black cherries are in the right environment, they grow with abundance. So much so that as birds continue to propagate black cherry sides in other areas they can affect the biodiversity of that area drastically.

Black Cherry trees rely on wildlife to transport their seeds, however, the falling leaves and bark is oftentimes eaten by livestock and they are poisoned. This is a problem to the extent that it has become a leading cause of death among livestock.

While black cherries are edible, the bark and leaves can be poisonous, as they contain compounds that can be converted into cyanide. In fact, if you scratch a young black cherry tree, you will notice it smells like almonds, as does cyanide.

What are Your Thoughts On the Magic of Black Cherry?

What brings you to our article on Black Cherry's Magical Properties? Do you have any new ideas on how to use black cherries in magic and spellwork? What other plants (or fruits) would you like to learn the magical properties of? We'd love to hear your feedback!

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